Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Oh my goodness. I've been quiet, too quiet. Not for once, because nothing very much has been happening, but because almost everything has been happening all at the same time.

The consequences for this blog are two-fold.

1) Since everything was changing I decided that this blog should change too, and I moved it all across to a new blog, with a different design and a (hopefully) much better name.

2) But because everything was changing I never got around to actually making it visible. Or telling anyone.

So, if you all could recalibrate your browsers, update your favourites and rejig your hyperlinks, you will find that all of this, plus some new stuff, is available at appropinquabat.blogspot.com. Yes, much better isn't it. I nearly forked out for a domain and everything but, you know.

I'll change my mind again at some point, but for now that's what's happening. Or, at least, that is a tiny fraction of what's happening, but that this the totality of what's happening with regard to this blog.

Thank you.

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